1. LXDE(Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment):
    Fred is a developer of LXDE project(Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment), which aim to be a lightweight desktop environment, further more, make it a suitable desktop environment for resource-limited device(eg, eeepc).
    * Website: http://www.lxde.org/
  2. LXTerminal:
    Fred is a author of the project, It is a desktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator without any unnecessary dependencies.
  3. LXNM/Netstat Plugin for LXPanel
    Fred is a author of the project, It's a fast, lightweight, stand-alone network manager.
  4. OXIM:
    A Input Method Server for X11, Fred just contributes some patches to upstream.
  5. Frexhwd:
    It's Fred own project, Frexhwd is a simple and small Hardware Detection for Linux. It is written in Unix shell(Bash) and C Language. it easy to run on small, embedded or simple system.
  6. Bootchart-lite:
    Collect all of booting infomations for embedded system from kernel to generate a chart.
    * Website: http://code.google.com/p/bootchart-lite/
  7. Openmoko - Open Source Mobile Phone:
    Fred works for reducing Neo FreeRunner booting time.
  8. PostgreSQL:
    Fred is a author of the PostgreSQL Chinese community blog.
    * Website: http://postgresql-chinese.blogspot.com/
  9. PenMount 6000 Touchscreen Driver for kdrive/tslib:
    A open source tslib plugin to enable PenMount 6000 touchscreen for kdrive(TinyX on Embedded System).
    * Website: http://people.linux.org.tw/~fred/drivers/pm6000_tslib.tgz
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